Love is such a strange word. It’s really weird that such a small word describes such a fundamental feeling. I’ve been living for quite a while now but never in my life have I heard one accurate description of this feeling. Of course some people may have found their definition for this word, maybe the definition of love lays in a person, in a feeling and that is the reason why some of us don’t seem to find it in phrases.

I’ve always wondered why is love such a popular feeling. So many books, so many songs, drawings, it’s so widespread. I wonder if love is really the most fundamental thing in life, the ultimate definition of perfection, the collective goal of humanity, or we just make it like this.

I wonder if we make love important or love makes us important.

But love comes in different forms and we all express love differently. I won’t repeat the “there are billions kinds of love” theory because I think we all heard about it. We can love a friend, a mother, a lover, it’s not important who we love but how.

I am getting gradually but surely sick of love. We all wake up looking, searching for love, to give it, to receive it, and sometimes you are satisfied with it but sometimes you are not. Sometimes you wish you could love other people and sometimes you wish you’ll never love anybody else as much as you love someone in particular. Why do we keep searching for it? We keep searching for a person or a feeling that can influence who we are and who we worked hard to become. We keep looking for somebody who can either destroy us or elevate us. But why can’t we accept the state of life that we create for us. Why are we looking for someone who can bring chaos in our life? Is stability boring? Or maybe -just maybe- we can’t help it?

Maybe our hearts just create invisible connections and when we are apart from those whom we love the strings that keep our hearts together are getting weaker and cause us pain. Maybe when we fight they get tangled. Maybe there is an entire story happening in an unseen world involving our hearts and we can just feel and act on it.

Maybe -just maybe- love is controlling us and we never stood a chance.


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