I’ve been meaning to start this blog for a while. Of course I made my first post a while ago, but it doesn’t really feel like I started. I keep on waiting. I’m waiting for the perfect moment. I feel like I am waiting to live , to breath, just waiting on something that will give my life meaning. I can not tell exactly why is that. I guess I feel unworthy. I just don’t allow myself to believe that I can live such an imperfect life and still be happy. And the truth is that it’s been a while, it’s been a while since I last felt truly happy and genuinely blessed for being who I am. I fool myself into thinking I do my best to change but the truth is I am not. I am terrified that even if I try I won’t succeed. There are some days when I feel really motivated, but it just fades down. This time … I will really try. I will change my life. I will make it to the top. Because I am worthy, we all are. We just need a pinch of craziness and motivation. I’ve decided to start writing because that is what I want to do. This gives me the sense of purpose I need. And my words may not mean the world to most of you, but they are my world.


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