Small town

Real talk.

Small town filled with shadows of so-called “people”, small kids with big dreams and no knowledge about the world they live in, and minds too overwhelmed with the sadness of reality…or is it just one mind?
Expressivity is the on thing we need most and the one we always avoid, even ban or laugh at those who dare to express something more than what is essential. You would think living in a town full of simplistic people and being surrounded by less than basic people will provide you the perfect environment for a minimalistic person in terms of thinking and living. And it most certainly did. Everybody is preoccupied with their own “goals”, ideals filled with nothing more than already established realities and material means. There is no place left for emotional intelligence, for liberty of expression in any kind of form, no place to discover who you actually are, not just who you should be.
This seems like a horror story the more I think about it, but you know what is really horrific? The fact that this is a reality, and while the term “reality” seems to validate a truth and generalize it, this reality is just for the few of us who have been cursed to live in small towns. The place where dreams die.


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